Monday, October 7, 2013

SNL Thumbs Up

 Also, while I was feeling really lukewarm about this season of SNL (I miss Bill.), I was pretty impressed with this week's show. I'm not the biggest Miley fan, but I was laughing so hard during their government shutdown music video. Bit thumbs up, SNL. The "shout out" to MN, Michelle Bachmann made it especially funny–and didn't they do a great job with make up for Bachmann and Boehner? Wow.

{Weekend Update}...Spygirl MIA

No, no, one is actually missing in action. (Although, when the year starts to get this busy, it feels very possible!) Abby and I took advantage of the crisp fall (albeit rainy) weekend to visit some of our favorite Minneapolis stomping grounds.

The MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) has some great exhibits right now (especially "Strangers in a Strange Land"), with all time classics like my hunky man, The Doryphoros. And of course, a visit to the MIA wouldn't be complete without grabbing coffee and lunch at Spyhouse––Abby sipped the luscious Spygirl (lavender and coffee!) while I enjoyed by favorite, the Mata Hari––and Glam Doll Donuts, where we picked up crazy flavors like Sriracha + Peanut Butter!

To conclude our weekend, we watched obscene amounts of How I Met Your Mother (per our roommate's request) and lazily read books in pjs. Now we're off to a gloriously sunny week, with light breezes and sweet afternoons. Fall is definitely here, folks!

Photos via Instagram