Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{The 2012 Christmas Gift Guide}...For Your Dad Who's More Indie Than You Thought

Do you find it difficult to shop for dads? I do! I can never figure out what he really wants and needs. I stay far away from clothing (he's much too picky), but I definitely don't fret when it comes to little touches. . . What are you getting your dad? Here are some ideas that I like. 

S'mores Caramel Corn: Because his sweet tooth will never go away.
Carhart Cap: Basic necessity is sometimes best when it comes to dads.
Cheeky Sock Monkey Beer Cozy: For those days when he needs to be silly again.
Herschel Travel Duffle: No frills, just navy and leather. Carry ons have never been cooler.
iPod Acoustic Dock: Technology just went old school. 
Burt's Bees: He'll never admit it, but he like to keep scraps, windburns, etc. protected from the cold too.
Tweed Tie: For the "Neat Guy"
Set of 12 Beer Glasses: Because dudes don't like accidentally sipping from each other's glasses. 


  1. Love this! I want that travel bag for myself!

    1. Karen, I totally agree1 It's such a great unisex bag. Talk about effortless luggage!


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