Friday, December 7, 2012

{The 2012 Christmas Gift Guide}...For Your Designer Twin Sister

Now not all of you have an identical twin sister, but I'm pretty sure these gifts are universally pleasing to that special spunky sister in your life!

Metallic Tassel Key Ring: because even her keys need to be fabulous!
Red Tape Dispenser: for the desk that explodes with color.
Yellow Watch: to stay cheerfully happy even in hours of studios!
Nail Polish Trio: that will keep her busy hands gorgeous!
The Journal of Awesome: because she's totally awesome!
Hello iPhone Case: to greet everyone she's not texting.
Dot Socks: to keep the crazy hidden.
Yellow Washi Tape: to add sunshine to her apartments white walls in winter.
Dainty Necklace: because she's always a lady.
Pink/Orange Clutch: for the girl that will always love orange!
Little Giraffe Bookends: because it's not practical to build a huge giraffe barn/habitat in MN.

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