Monday, January 7, 2013

{Weekend Update}...Anticipation

This weekend, I definitely experienced a case of anticipation. I only have two more weeks of break left (I know, I shouldn't even complain about that) and have a lot to do. I recently started an internship at The International, and while it's really exciting, it's somewhat terrifying! The news never stops, so it feels like you have to constantly anticipate a story. Semester is starting soon, so with the purchase of new books, I anticipate class syllabi and schedules! My good friend's wedding is only 3 and a half months away with a bridal shower in one month. . . needless to say, we're anticipating lots of lavender, champagne, and invitation addressing.

And yes, anticipation often feels a lot like stress, it's important to remember that our bodies have a difficult time differentiating excitement and fear, anxious anticipation and good things to come. So while it may feel like I'm only looking forward at one million miles per hour, it's a good thing. There are exciting things ahead!

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