Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do You Still Like Chivalry?

Despite living in the Midwest, I find the whole "Minnesota nice" thing somewhat absent. Most of the time, people are rushing across the cross walks, busting through bus doors hoping to the first one to get a seat, or dashing into the elevator. People even seem to be anxious to get in and out of classrooms first. But the other day a class mate actually held the door open for me as I was leaving class. And it was so refreshing. I felt so pampered, because that never happens on a college campus.

So. Lots of people ask if chivalry is dead. I think not. My question is, does it matter? With women craving strict equality, should we encourage old fashioned ideals? I have to admit, I really enjoy when a man holds the door, lets you go first, pays for the first date, etc. I know I'm capable of opening a door, but it's nice to be pampered.

And...if you're not for the whole man-kindness thing, we should implement this for everyone. Hold the door for the woman straggling behind you, let the other guy go first on the bus when it's cold. Be nice. Chivalry is not dead. Nor is it confined.

P.S. Hugh Jackman is the most chivalrous celebrity, don't you agree?
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  1. i dont think it s dead but yes, hard to find..


  2. Equality is needed, but that never means manners should be forgotten! As a girl who's married to a country Texan boy, my mouth drops open if a guy doesn't pay on the first date, hold the car door open, help you carry stuff, etc. But yeah, unfortunately like Veronica said, chivalry is starting to become hard to find...


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