Monday, February 11, 2013

{Weekend Update}...Snowed In

I had a luxurious weekend. I was home with my family and friends and enjoyed some simple pleasures that I normally don't indulge in.

My girlfriends and I baked a chocolate cake with a peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache. I died and went to heaven. Along with decadent cake, came a little gossipy girl talk, giggles, and a fashion show of our bridesmaids dresses! (They're gorgeous.) I went on everyday errands with my family, braving the cold and slush and survived to enjoy a Grammy viewing night, breakfast for dinner, and pajama time with my mom and Abby. It was lovely.

I also got an extended weekend thanks to the buckets of snow! I'm heading back today, as opposed to last night! Better safe than sorry, right?

Photo via @sarahcarlsonetc Instagram


  1. Ooooh, your weekend sounds like it was so perfect. Don't be surprised if you find me at your front door waiting for a piece of that chocolate cake, lol. No snow here.... :/


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