Friday, May 31, 2013

Dream Sun Room

Lately, I've been dreaming of a summery sun room. After our family trip to Florida last year, beach houses have been on my mind, and since I'm nowhere near the beach, I'm longing to turn our sun room into a chic, calming oasis. I would, of course, need Abby's blessing, but I don't want anything literally nautical. Here's how I would incorporate the beachy scene, while keeping a little city chic. 

Instead of navy and white stripes that scream sail-boating, I'd choose a beautiful light turquoise couch that has a wavy back and arms. P.S It's from Target––how awesome! It's the color of the ocean, and would be beautiful with the white wood work we have in the house. 

To pick up the white wood work, I'd introduce white accents, like this furry stool (so glamorous!) and tall white floor lamp. (It's stand reminds me of a seagulls foot.)

We have a lot of windows in the room (three out of four walls!), so I'd bring in gorgeous bronze and gold that mimic the sunshine glow of the beach. It's sophisticated and fun, but still warm. The bar cart is beautiful, because of the glass shelving, which keeps it light. 

Finishing everything off, I bring in woven baskets and stools that recall a more nautical theme, but are much more modern. Mixing traditional braided woven baskets, with brightly colored stools help keep it interesting. 

With a base of sea-foamy turquoise, gold, and white, I can introduce any accent colors I would like. The stool has a beautiful lime, and I would also bring in a papaya pink, both of which remind me of summery drinks.
New Smyrna Beach

Do you have any dream rooms? When you travel, do you prefer hotels, or do you like to stay in rental homes and apartments like a beach house or city flat? Are you ever inspired to change your house after your travels?

P.S. The perfect beach towel, a killer swimsuit, my summer playlists.

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