Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mom: My Biggest Cheerleader

My high school graduation with a proud and awesome mom. 
Who's your biggest cheerleader? My mom has always been the one encouraging me to do my best, but never be too hard on myself. She sat through all my dance recitals, show choir competitions, and cheered when I got my college acceptance letters. And when I have chaotic days, the ones when I'm pretty sure I just can't do it all, she's the one to tell me that I can do it. She brags for me, and reminds me that success is not necessarily the same as being the best. Thank you, Mom! You're the one that makes me feel invincible in the face of challenges!

Bonus: she was a cheerleader in high school! How perfect.

Who's your biggest cheerleader? What does your mom do that no one else can top?

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