Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Does Your Mom Do For You?

My mom does a lot of little things to make me feel really special. She has a trick for knowing when my life is stressful, when I've had a bad day, or when I just need a little extra attention. She knows what to say and when, and has a million surprises up her sleeve for me. Here are some totally endearing, motherly things she does for me that I love.

Even if I've only been home for a weekend, she strips my bed when I leave, so the next time I come home I have crisp, clean sheets. "It's just like a hotel," she says.

We talk almost every night on the phone, but sometimes she sends me cards, because she knows I like getting mail that isn't junk or school-related.

Buys my favorite cereal for when I'm home.

Does my laundry, even when I insist that I do it!

Like so many moms, she loves to spoil me on surprise shopping trips. On a weekend visit, what I had hinted at for my birthday (still a while away!) turned out to be a surprise gift just for fun.

Reads every article I write, no matter how busy she is.

Got an Instagram account so we could "follow" each other's lives in pictures.

Scratches my back at night, just like when I was a little girl.

Is brave enough to say, "Yes, that haircut is really ugly." And then in a wonderfully motherly fashion adds, "But you could never be ugly. You're beautiful."

Records TV programs that I miss, so when I come home I can have TV marathons with her. She will re-watch episodes of the Sunday Morning Show or Fashion Police just so she can watch it with me.

Reminds me that a little gloating is good for you. And if I don't, she'll do it for me.

What does your mom do for you that you love? How does she make you feel special?

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  1. Aw, Sarah, your mom sounds like a sweetheart. I would've guessed that anyway, seeing how sweet you are yourself. My mom used to rub my back until I would fall asleep when I was little, and it was the softest scratch. I'd wiggle if she's barely stop, and she'd always keep going until I fell asleep. I was spoiled!

    Motherly encouragement does wonders as far as work also. :) So glad you have such an amazing person in your life!


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