Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming Home for Summer

Do ever find the transition into summer can be a little weird sometimes? I often am so used to being busy during the school year, that the first week or so I need something to keep me feeling productive. It can be difficult to go from long, productive days to lounge-y weeks that require little to no action. But, after a few days of unpacking & reorganizing all my belongings, baking up new recipes, and making summer goal lists, I settle down. 

And then I wake up to a bustling house in the late morning! 

While I'm at school, I'm considered the early riser between all my roommates. Weekdays I get up at 6:00 am and usually crawl out of bed for coffee by 9:00 am on weekends. But when I come home for the summer, I am the late sleeper, and feel lazy for not starting my days early like my parents. I occasionally even feel guilty for being so sloth-like, despite my mother's kind insistence that I "just relax after such a busy year!" 

I've been on summer vacation for over a month now, and am really feeling settled now. It seems crazy that the transition would take a while, but it can! 

How do you transition from hectic schedules to lazy weeks? I've heard horror stories of college kids not being able to stand living with their parents after living alone at college––could you do it? Should you ever feel guilty for relaxing if not everyone in the house is? 

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