Friday, June 14, 2013

That Summer Snooze

Perhaps I deal with it more than most people because of my college lifestyle. My mother is a teacher, and Abby & I are still in school, so when summer roles around, it's glorious! Hours spent lounging around outside in the sun, baking everyday, reading oodles of books; and then a couple weeks go by.

I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth––I know that someday I will not be this lucky. I will have a job for which I will be required to work at least forty hours per week with Saturday and Sunday off, every month, all year. So I'm really not complaining (I promise)! But after awhile, every day becomes just like the last and just like the next.

Life gets predictable. And you suddenly crave something different. That's why vacations are so incredible. I got giddy today when I found out I'd be working more than usual next week, because it was changed things up. That notorious summer boredom has sadly crept upon us...

The school year is very industrious, so the transition to doing nothing all day can be jarring. I clean, I read, I practice piano (the poor ears of my family and neighbors!). I try to fill my day to the brim, but alas, that lull happens.

I'd love your advice here! How do I keep enjoying the relaxing days of summer without getting a tiny bit bored! I miss the excitement of Minneapolis, but realize that where ever I was, things would still be highly similar. How do you stay amused, active, and still totally loungey?

Photo via @classickitsch Instagram, Abby Carlson

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