Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Multiple Personalities

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Are you a different you while at work? Once you're home, do you transform into another variation of self? I have found that while working, I am uncharacteristically chipper girl, a smile bubbling right off my pink cheeks. I speak at a higher pitch, and faster pitch as a cheerfully greet every customer that walks through the door and convince shoppers that they need a brand credit card.

In classes, my personality subdues into a calm and cool intellectual demeanor. I am, after all, trying be at my most brilliant. I must admit, though...the now infamous B.R.F often falls across my face as I concentrate! (How embarrassing!) And even more surprising is the fact that I can become timid or introverted in a classroom of peers, which is quite unusual for me.

And at home. Yes, ah, breath a sigh of relief. Relax. My voice returns to a sane timbre, my goofy side appears, my sarcastic wit emerges from deep inside and some snarky commentary on whatever current television program commences, and hearty laughs erupt.

(When I babysit, I'm an affectionate, cuddly, smily girl that keeps her cool when bloody knees appear. Running errands, I am the collected, list-lady on a mission. Stern face occasionally included.)

A side note: I am, for the most part, quite genial and am at times delightfully charming. However, I am different versions of myself in every part of my life.

This helps me create some division, as I prefer to keep my personal life separate from my professional life, and so on. In turn, ensures I am consistent in each unique arena. (The other day, I was somewhat distraught in my personal life, but because of my "different hats" my work was normal and no one caught on to any distress.)

Do you experience a change in self as you go from one realm to another in your life? What minor (or major) personality changes usually occur? Are they intentional, and are they helpful? I'd love your thoughts on this unique (personal) phenomenon.

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  1. Yes this sort or try. The only thing I intentionally do if I am speaking on tape or interviewing someone or being interviewed. I will make an effort to speak higher, slower and more definitively. If not I sound like I have cotton up my nose and marbles in my mouth.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. Alicia, that is so true! On tape, I become this weirdly zen person that speaks at a calming rate, but my voice, too, becomes quite nasally! Speaking higher to avoid the stuffed nose effect sounds like such a simple fix to an annoying problem!


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