Monday, August 12, 2013

Tales from Online Shopping

I recently ordered a pair of sneakers for our family trip to walking-worthy Chicago. From all the blogs, I'd decided these were a pretty fabulous option next to my ratty Converse. (Plus, that white toe-cap always made my foot look long and ski-like!)

Long story short, these beautiful shoes arrived, and to my dismay one rivet popped right off! After sending them back I patiently awaited my replacement and pondered online shopping.

Thoughts on online shopping:

1. Shoes, shirts, pants; you name it! It needs to be tried on before being purchased! Reviews aren't as helpful as they seem. Everyone is different.

2. Shipping rates are astronomical! So many sites require a minimum of about $75 for free shipping, enticing you to buy more than you wanted. (P.S. Piperlime has free shipping and returns always!)

3. Delivery dates are pretty accurate, but when it's suddenly several days late the anticipation gets to be annoying.

4. Where's the people? Sure, some sites have those pop-up windows for chatting with an online representative. However, I really prefer to talk with a person in a store. They are experts on the clothes, so they'll be able to help you with dressing for your specific body type, budget, fabric care, etc.

5. A big bonus for online shopping, though: it's pretty convenient. You can shop in your PJs on a girls' night, quick order a secret birthday present for a family member, and compare prices efficiently.

A lot of pros and cons with online shopping. What's your consensus? I generally like it just fine, but there have been several times when I've had to send it back because of wrong size or item sent, defective product, or ill-fitting clothing. In the end, is it worth it the "home convenience" or should you just drive the five minutes to the mall in jeans instead of sweats?

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