Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back and Better Than Ever!

Happy New Year, everyone! After a lengthy break from blogging, I'm back for 2014 with a few changes in mind. The blog over the past years has changed significantly.

Starting with The Adventures of Clyde and Nora, I talked about a lot of things that (let's face it) only really interested my high school/early college self. After a break up the title/blog didn't seem so appropriate and didn't make any sense, so with a new phase came a new blog and Sarah Carlson Etc. was established. I hope you've liked it; I have.

However, in starting a new blog, I really struggled finding the right "voice," which is pretty much the worst thing for writers. Content on the blog wasn't unified, it lacked basic direction, purpose, and sometimes interest. And without that cohesive nature that successful blogs have, my desire/passion/interest in blogging crashed and burned––on the internet.

This year, things will be different but (hopefully) in a permanent way. I'm not a designer, photographer, chef, or fashionista, so my expectations (and your's) in that department should be low. I won't post so many clothing or interior articles. I'm not a mother, wife, or relationship expert, so advice in personal life issues will be few. However, expect opinions, as I have many.

How the blog will look: who knows! The blog will feature better, but less frequent posts. I am a writer first and foremost. The quality of posts is far more important than the frequency. I'm going for broke here and attempting to make this blog truly about a dialog. I'll ramble for sure, but I hope that invokes you to ramble back at me.

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