Monday, January 27, 2014

{Weekend Update}...Brunching at Home

Last Friday the challenge proposed was to do something surprising for someone; I said I was visiting my grandmother for her 99th birthday. Unfortunately, due to poor driving conditions, I couldn't drive back. I was totally bummed, yet Abby and I managed to have some fun. Friday night we picked up some groceries (we were out of the essentials), so along with fresh eggs we grabbed a pint of Summit Oatmeal Stout ice cream; we watched way too much Arrested Development; and we went to bed at a crazy hour. Saturday morning we had a lazy start & made an enormous brunch.

I'm telling you––brunch at home may be better than brunch out. And here's why...

It makes your typical Saturday at home feel like a mini party. And who doesn't log mini parties? It's simultaneously relaxing and stimulating/fun-inducing, both of which you want in a weekend.

You can food photograph all want without the weird glances from married couples who just don't get it. And it's fun to laugh at how silly you are when you realize the lengths you go to for a good 'gram.

The couch for brunch is seriously ten times more comfortable than any brunch-y table/booth near that corner front window through which light is blinding you but tables near by still want the shades open. Bonus, it feels kind of fungi shui to sit curled up on the couch with an entire brunch spread over the coffee table.  

Anyway, brunch is fun at home because it makes your apartment feel like a different place for a while. Lay out a tablecloth (or a huge scarf on the coffee table), use your french press, don't watch TV while you eat. It makes Saturday morning at home feel so charming & special!

To see more of the weekend brunch scene (amazing mini waffle doughnut recipe) head over to Classic Kitsch!

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