Monday, February 3, 2014

{Weekend Update}...A Day for Doing

In an effort to be more adventurous and also become unofficial experts on the Cities, Abby came up with a brilliant idea...

Every Friday we'll do something new in our area. A "Friday Try-day," if you will. The name may sound a little juvenile, but it encapsulates the basic premise. Last year one of our New Year's resolutions was to try more new foods and it went so well that we're extending it!

Starting last week, every Friday we'll either try a new cafe, go to the art museum (this MIA event looks amazing!), see a cool movie, check out an unique store, or something "culture-y" and new. In an effort to keep it sans arrogance/hoity-toity, some Fridays might be something as ordinary as going to the ice-skating rink or going to a new public library.

(This past Friday we went to Birchwood Cafe in the Seward neighborhood. They are a farm-to-table restaurant that use organic, local ingredients––No GMOs––and have a fun, quirky atmosphere. Their coffee is delicious; it's rich and full without being overly bold and the savory pancake (see above) was insanely delicious! Two words: bacon tidbits.)

By the end of the semester, we will have (hopefully) tried a ton of new things our lovely Twin Cities have to offer!

Do you have a day for doing? I have a friend who doesn't spend any money Monday through Friday, so weekends are super special for her. In the summer, my mom and her friends have a Coffee Talk Tuesday at the local cafe. It gives you something to look forward to. But is there something weird about "ritualized fun"? Perhaps. I'd love your thoughts!

Top two photos me; last photo Abby Carlson

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