Friday, March 14, 2014


I read this amazingly relatable post on Darling Magazine the other day on being a "yes-woman" too much. So often, I feel the need to make others happy because it makes me feel good. But I didn't realize that it could also inhibit me from being my happiest. It feels good to please others; a sense of accomplishment, loyalty, even love accompany extending your help. Extending yourself too far, though, can get tiring and eventually less fulfilling.

This really hit home:
"It [can be] less about selflessness and more about an unhealthy need to make sure all of those around us are taken care of and satisfied. Underneath everything is a fear of rejection and a yearning for outside validation."
I see a lot of fellow women spreading themselves thing, overworking to prove that they are capable, valuable, needed. And we shouldn't have to feel like we are proving ourselves. Getting praise from others is great, but not the ultimate reward.

Being at peace with ourselves and what we have to offer to the world should be enough. To please others, it looks like we have to be pleased with ourself first. So, let's to it!

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