Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday...Early Mornings

I get up every single day at 6:00 am. I know, it sounds terrible. I complained for a really long time about my early mornings, and then I realized that there were some great benefits to being an early riser (albeit forced) . . .

I see the sunrise almost everyday. Although it seems insignificant, there's something very beautiful and centering about physically seeing a new day begin. It's wonderfully refreshing.

I also have some precious quiet me time. Since I live with three other girls, the apartment is rarely silent. So in the morning I grab a cup of coffee, sit on my bed and read for fun while the sun rises. It's glorious.

So believe it or not, I'm thankful for my crazy early mornings!

What are you thankful for? Is there something you originally thought was bad, but now it's been a blessing in disguise?

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