Friday, November 16, 2012

Maintain a Journal

Remember when you were a pre-teen and journaling was the most important activity next to breathing? I filled countless notebooks with doodles, long accounts of my day, quick ideas, etc. And they're fascinating! I'm not extremely nostalgic, but every once in a while I page through my old journals and smile. It's fun to see how your life changes.

This Friday that's the challenge. Start journaling again and see what happens. Sometimes journaling leads us to feel more thankful. Other times it helps us work through problems. If a detailed nightly journal seems like a lot of up keep (I get it; we're busy people!), you might try:

A dream journal
Music journal; what have you been listening to?
Food journal - not necessarily for dietary reasons - what you are eating, what new recipes you want to try, etc.
A quotes journal for the inspiring, the funny, the heartfelt, or even new words you hear.
Daily doodles (like Lizzy Stewart!)

The list goes on and on. Do you have any ideas for different journaling? There is really so much to think about in a day, you could pick anything! Good luck! 

P.S . . . I like these notebook.



  1. I try to keep an inspiration is very helpful to organize my ideas!I really enjoyed those daily doodles of Lizzy Stewart!Maybe I'll try some drawing too...

  2. Love those little notebooks! Unfortunately, I was never much of a writer, so I didn't keep journals. I just have a bunch of ridiculous notes saved in a gallon-szie ziploc bag from a bunch of friends from 7th grade through high school, ha. I DO need to keep a visual sketchbook. ;)


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