Friday, November 30, 2012

Tourist in Your Own Town

Have you every taken a weekend to be a tourist in your town? I did it one weekend when I went to my hometown last year, but that was really me being a tourist. Now that I'm in The Cities the majority of my time, I'm taking this weekend to play traveler. I have a concert, for which my parents will be coming tomorrow. Instead of staying at my apartment, we're giving ourselves a treat and checking into a hotel for the weekend. Can you say 10:30 swim? We'll be shopping for presents, trying new restaurants, and seeing the city with new eyes! 

What are your weekend plans? Are you kicking off December in any fun way? Have you tried being a tourist in your town? I highly recommend it. If you have, what are some tips for me to do?

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  1. I LOVE playing tourist in my hometown :) Staying in a hotel just makes it feel even more like a vacation. I don't have any exciting plans to kick off December, but I'm already all decorated for the Holidays haha.


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