Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Is liking "mainstream" such a bad thing? I was talking with some people the other day, and I heard a lot of different answers.

As an English major, there's this constant pressure to know - and enjoy - a lot of obscure or just old material. In college, it just seems to be the thing. Sure, indie films are the greatest. They're always different, thought-provoking, or down right quirky; I can see the draw. I like them, too. But, how can it be so bad to occasionally enjoy the most popular (and stupid) movie out in theaters?

There is definitely a bit of elitism happening here. People that refuse to see mainstream films, listen to popular music, etc. before even experiencing them are simply cheapening it for everyone else. They are approaching the material with a negative connotation before really investigating.

It doesn't necessarily help that the movie industry has applied gimmicky labels like Chick Flick and Rom-Com. They are also perpetuating the notion that major, popular, highly advertised films are fluff. It's true, most of them are.

But I'm quite convinced that if you actually listen to the dialogue, get past the labels, the pre-constructed ideas, you'll hear some remarkable things. Popular films (seeing as they reach a huge audience) have the opportunity to say something extraordinary with the hopes that someone hears it. So let's not hate on them too early this winter film season. 

P.S Would you go to the movies alone?
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