Monday, November 19, 2012

{Weekend Update}...One of the Girls

When you have a girls' weekend, do you have a 'No Boys Allowed' rule? This weekend, I stayed at one of my good friend, Becca's, house for a girls' weekend. Friends came to Minneapolis from out of town; we watched movies, did facials, laughed & danced in the kitchen while cooking, and did tons of shopping. One of the new-to-me movies this weekend was Now and Then. The girls are so independent and have a strictly no boys rule during one momentous childhood summer. It got me thinking about our weekend...At first it was going to be just the girls in the house, but Vince, Becca's fiancĂ© ended up staying home, too. 

And it wasn't awkward; it was fun.

He was such a good sport, and really wanted to be participate, so instead of just being around the whole time acting all dude-like, he was part of the group! Just one of the girls. He even did facials with us! And (how sweet is this?) he baked us cookies for the road before we left. We've all decided Becca found a keeper.

 He had the best movie suggestions, encouraged the endless snacking (so we girls never felt like little pigs), and was a built in photographer. You know when you have all the girls together and you want a group picture, so you set up the timed camera and run across the room to get in the frame? Well instead Vince just walked around the house taking all those great candids you'll love forever. Also the impromptu human pyramid contest wouldn't have been possible without him. So in our photo shoot of pyramid pictures, there's Vince among all of us; just one of the girls.

As it turns out, having a guy around for girl's weekend is a nice set up. 

So what are your thoughts? Should a girls' weekend be strictly girls? Are boys allowed or is it annoying to you when they hang out with you? 

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