Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alone Time

Do people ever say you have your head stuck in the clouds? Somehow it's a bad thing. And if you're in a meeting, rightly so. Daydreaming isn't typically productive at work. But no matter how busy you get, alone time is important.

I got an email from my dad that had a cute little 2013 Handbook. One of the rules was to spend 10 minutes per day completely alone, staying silent. Our hectic lives make it seem that we're only productive if we're surrounding by busy people, purring emails, wads of Post-It notes, and endless coffee stain rings. 

Try to be quiet and daydreamy for a little bit. Imagine how much happier you'll be! Remember how childhood seemed somehow more colorful, more fantastic? We had our head in the clouds almost all day. What a lovely fantasy. So take a few minutes, even if you're an ambitious extrovert to be alone and dreamy. . .

P.S. . . for all you introverts!

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  1. I have SUCH an active imagination that I often find myself daydreaming at work! Whoops. I should definitely try taking 10 minutes a day...maybe it'll stop the mind wandering!

  2. i've actually been doing this a lot lately... just meditating. it really does help settle your mind :)


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