Friday, December 14, 2012


Happiest of Fridays, everyone! My finals have begun, so our apartment has been a mess of snacks, coffee, computer cords, and frantic quizzing. I am so looking forward to the extended Christmas break, and family traditions that are coming my way! Do you have little rituals you do every year?

For example, my family has always opened the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve after dinner and church. Those present are from family. Christmas morning we sleep in (kind of) and check out our stockings (from Santa) while we lounge in pajamas and drink coffee with cookies. Ever since we were four, Abby and I have also gotten a small shared present from Gusty and Poofer (from this movie) that's hidden in the house.

Although mom make the traditional Christmas ham and smorgasbord, Dad makes his famous chili (how Midwest!) for Christmas Eve dinner.

Abby, my two "God-sisters" Amanda and Becca, and I wear the same dress in different colors for Christmas service. We've done it for a long time, but this is the first year Becca won't be with us, because she's visiting her finance's family, so the dresses are super important this time!

Family traditions can be so quirky and unique. What are some of yours? Do you have tried and true standbys like and advent wreath, decorating together, watching a holiday movie?

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