Monday, December 17, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Surprise!

Over the weekend, one of my best girl friends graduated from college, conveniently happening the same day as a final. So after many pouting sessions, Amanda accepted the fact that I wouldn't be there for her big day. But being sneaky, my family arranged to have Abby and me picked up directly after my exam so we could surprise her at our Christmas party / graduation celebration. Needless to say, the girl who is always talking was speechless. A good surprise, I think. 

Now I know it's true. It's the thought that counts. Saying multiple times, "the best graduation present would be for you to be here on Saturday," I actually agree. I didn't buy Amanda anything fancy, or commemorative of her graduation day. Our families simply surprised her with a loving gesture that probably meant more to all of us than anything we could buy. It's cheesy, but we created a really wonderful memory that will probably be retold for many years. 

This holiday season, what will you do for the special people in your life?

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  1. What a sweet memory to have, definitely a good surprise.

    xo erica


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