Friday, January 4, 2013

Do You Take Every Job?

Here's what I've wondered for a long time: what jobs do or don't you take? In high school, everyone kind of works the same job, whether it be fast food joints or retail chains at the local mall; but when you're in college, or just out, do you still take jobs like that?

For example, does a poli-sci major work at Target throughout college (having a discount can be so incredibly God-sent for college kids), or do you hold out for a job more within your field? I'm an English major and I just got my first writing gig, but I still work at Old Navy. My sister, Abby, works at Gap even though she's studying Interior Design.

In the end, money is money, right? But will future employers within your chosen field care that you can fold clothes perfectly, or scan item amazingly fast? I'd love your thoughts on this. What do you do? Yes to everything, or wait for the perfect job?

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