Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution: Smile More

It sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? But this year I'm making a conscious effort to smile more! I'm a very happy, bubbly person; I'm usually the one making the jokes, but if I'm not thinking about it, I tend to look very grumpy. When I'm concentrating on what someone may be saying, regardless of it's emotion, I appear either angry or simply uninterested. Oops! That is just not the case! Those darn face muscles need to stop relaxing! So this year, I'll be taking more pictures, to have smiley momentos for in the future. I'll smile when talking to people - all the time. Now, I'm not going to walk around campus with a big ol' grin, but I'll at least try to look less unemotional. :)

Abby helped us start out the year with lots of smiles! She made her own photo booth! Check it out!

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