Friday, February 22, 2013

{Friday Challenge}...Have a Book Fling

I'm cheating on my other books this weekend, and here's why:

Confession: I am somewhat of a slow reader. I love to read and write, but both processes are for me, well, a process. It seems a little backwards then that I'm an English major, right? The thing is, when I sit down to read, it might take me longer than others to finish the book, but I got to enjoy it that much longer. I like to think of it as I love it so much, I want to revel it it; just stay there. The same goes for writing. My friends all say, "My final draft is just my rough draft with a cover page." But there's not much sense in that for me. I have a very detailed (and kind of crazy) set up. I write the rough draft, and then for two or three days, I make edits. It's organized, calming, and I know I'm doing my best work. Also, it allows me to fully invest myself in it, which I love. 

But since I'm an English major, always reading and writing, I find I don't read outside of class requirements as much as I like. So this weekend, I'm having a fling. You should do the same. Pick a shorter book, perhaps a short story or a book of poems to read. There's a smaller commitment, because you could finish them in less the an hour! But it's great to give your brain a break and experience something new. 

I think this weekend I'll read part of my book of poems by Emily Dickinson. What will you read? I highly suggest anything short story by Raymond Caver or Ernest Hemingway. John Keats is always good for a poem, too!

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