Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lonely Audience

Would you go to the theater by yourself? Normally, I think of the theater as a very social outing. I go with friends and family to see different shows on vacations, so normally when I think of a show, I think of getting dressed up, having a fancy dinner, and enjoying a night of sparkly shoes, velvet theater seats and glamour.

However, for one of my English classes I need to see a showing of The Twelfth Night at The Guthrie Theater. Despite showing for over a month and a half, my schedule is so busy that I need to see it pronto. And I'll probably see it by myself. I've never done it before. I've not even seen a movie by myself! So wish me luck! I think it might be fun to take everything in on my own. Get there early, wander around, check out the sites, wait to see the cast get the idea!

Would you go see a show by yourself, or would you feel lost and lonely in a big theater?

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