Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Challenge...Get Outside

For the record: I don't run, and I really don't care for exercise. However, today was so incredibly gorgeous I just had to go enjoy it! I've recently caught a bit of a cold...nothing severe. Just the stuffy nose and sore throat. My mom gave me perfect advice and said, you need sleep and fresh air! So I did both. I've been taking naps, but also took a short jog around campus, and yikes! it was rough. I soon realized that a whole winter (and then some) of little to no exercise had caught up on me. But afterwards, I felt proud of myself, so I'll try sticking with it. My friend told me you just have to keep going and someday, it feels good, not painful!

So this spring, let's promise ourselves we'll go outside more. Run around, take a walk, rollerblade, whatever. Just make sure your heart is pumping and fresh air is rushing past your face. It's time we got out of our office chairs and library cubicles! 

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