Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{The Last Weeks of Winter}...What to Wear

We're more than a week into April, and a winter storm advisory for the southern half of Minnesota was issued! I have no qualms about rain; after all, April showers bring may flowers. But snow? Lots of snow? I'm getting that spring itch, but feel so trapped by wintery mix weather that keeps blowing in. So how do you deal with those last, very late and long weeks of winter?
1. Use a multi-purpose make up stick for a barely there blush and lip tint. It will mimic that gorgeous winter flush look, while hinting at spring. 
2. Trade your heavy winter trench for a warmer spring jacket. It will be great for transitioning between snow and rain. 
3. Wear these blush studs that look like little ice crystals. 
4. Spritz on a bit of light floral perfume. I love Daisy Eau So Fresh (but the limited edition Sunshine collection smalls amazing!) by Marc Jacobs. 
5. These icy-pale nail colors are cool, but summery with pastel flecks in the blue. Also, word has it white is the "it" color for spring and summer.
6. A durable canvas tote that isn't overly springy with dark blues, but definitely alludes to warmer weather with pale lavenders and hot pinks. 

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