Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Play That Never Gets Old...

...Much Ado About Nothing is by far one of my favorite plays of all time. I was originally against it. There was no way I would fall victim to the original chick flick, rom-com, or what you will (see what I did there?). But eventually, I was won over the rapid-fire jokes, underlying darkness, and of course, the ever swoon-worhty Benedick. Let's face it: we all want Benedick from Much Ado to sit down, look us with those newly innocent, shy eyes as say, "I do love nothing in the world so well as you- is not that strange?” (What a heartthrob!) 

I went last night to the BFA production as it was phenomenal. From a crush-worthy Benedick (I mean, it's necessary), to a delightfully evil (female!) Don Pedro, the production was flawless, hilarious, and very much satisfying. I left loving the play more than I already did, and that's pretty impressive. 

It's one of those plays that I will probably always adore, and turn to over and over. 

P.S...Joss Whedon is doing a new film of Much Ado About Nothing coming out this summer! Yay!
P.P.S....Kenneth Branagh will always be the ultimate Shakespeare character crush. 

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