Thursday, April 11, 2013

Would You Have a Pet as a Metro Renter?

Do you rent? Do you have pets? I currently rent an apartment near the campus in the cities, and they have a very strict no pets rule. However, Abby, McKenna, and I are renting in a more residential area next year, and there is a possibility to have house pets.

I am beyond thrilled, because I've never had a pet! All my childhood I wanted a little puppy, but my parents said we just led too exciting lives and our poor pup would get lonely. (They were right.) But McKenna is pre-vet, so we gush over kittens and cute animals a lot. We might be brining her adorable, elderly cat from her house to our place next year!

Since we're renters, though, I'm a bit nervous. Oli (shortened form of Olivander. Yes, Harry Potter type of Olivander) has not been declawed, but he wears these brilliant rubber caps that make him look like he has a manicure. Cute!

P.S. Photographer, Andy Prokh, documented the friendship between a little girl and her kitty. How sweet!

Do you rent with pets and do you have any suggestions? If not, would you have house pets as a renter?

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  1. I'm also in a rental situation where I can't have pets, but we're planning on moving at the end of the summer and getting a little puppy! I've also never had a pet growing up, so I'm pretty nervous (plus I have allergies), but I'm really excited.


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