Monday, May 6, 2013

{Weekend Update}...An Early Mother's Day

An oldie, but a goodie from our high school senior pictures. One of my favorites. 
This weekend my parents came over to visit (and start to haul a bunch of our belongings back to our hometown) since school will be out in less than two weeks! Although Mother's Day is technically next week, we decided to celebrate a week early since we'd be with our Mom. Next week, I'll give her a call so we can chat for hours about how excited we are over our impending return home! My mom is one crazy awesome, inspiring woman, so I'll still be talking about her this week, too!

We got our mom a little gift bag of goodies for Mother's Day this year. Abby made it beautifully color schemed and everything. 

1. A BKR, because they're gorgeous and awesome.
2. Pencils that say "You are so beautiful." because she is. 
3. A Baggu bag for all her errands, escapades, and more.
4. Cheeky sticky note pad.
5. A coffee pin for the one who taught us how to drink. Coffee, that is. 

Top photo c/o Genesis Photography

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