Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Double Standard

When it comes to movies and movie-watching behaviors and etiquette, I have an obnoxious double standard. No one, and I mean no one may talk during the movie. The slightest peep could disturb by cinematic experience, even if I've seen the movie 20 times. 

My patience for movie chatter is extremely limited, too. I, along with some poor souls that "used to be my friends" had a movie night over the weekend, and some (you know who you are) discussed everything from toe jam to medical research for the whole two hour movie. Distraught by the incessant murmur, I kept (not so subtly) piping, "Eh–this is my favorite part!!" Advise they, poorly willed, ignored. 

Needless to say, my favorite lines went missed. Those stunning moments of silence, when the soundtrack even stops, were no longer magical. And, my blood pressure steadily rose. 

With that all being said, and it feels good to get it off my chest, I must confess something...

When I watch movies with Abby, we talk. One of the few joys in life is reciting lines from a movie with my sister. I'm usually pretty well-behaved when I'm with others, but for the most part, I love adding my own commentary. 

And when I'm with all my girlfriends, we have a movie playing, but no one is really watching. So yes, I break my own pet peeve, and quite obviously. Perhaps I should feel guilty that while others suffer my wrath as I berate them for talking during a movie night, I chit chat to my heart's content. 

But in all honesty, my double standard will persist, because when it boils down, making exceptions for myself is totally human. And I think everyone is entitled to be the exception now and then.

Do you have double standards? What are some pet peeves that you can't stand? Is it wrong to have a double standard, or just human? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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