Monday, June 3, 2013

{Spring Threads}...Wedding Edition Part Three

Our last wedding edition of spring threads has the ultimate fanciful vibe. Imagine a garden wedding, not only are there bouquets and boutonnieres, but walls of flowers, petals down the isle, gorgeous ivy twisting it's way around archways. It's dreamy and fragrant. With this, you definitely get to go on the precious side of things. Since the flowers will most likely be incredibly vibrant, sticking with a softly neutral ensemble can be best. 

This beautiful blush pink dress with a boat neck is perfect for garden and tea parties alike; it's girly and still sophisticated. (Bonus! This is something you actually can wear again.)

Simple gold hoops will look elegant, but young––they also will be great for any hairstyle.

Let your necklace mimic the garden while being totally cool. The tortoise shell enamel baubles with sparkle and shine are anything but predictable. They also give a nice edge to the sweetness of the whole outfit. 

Add some funk by mixing floral patterns with geometric designs like this clutch to make your "garden themed outfit" a little less obvious.

Since you'll be wearing a pale, short dress, these nude shoes with minimal straps will elongate your legs, give you great posture and with an ankle strap, you're set for dancing!

What do you usually wear to weddings? Would you dare wearing any shade of white or cream? Can you wear the same color scheme as the bridal party? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. A totally sweet, non-traditional wedding gift; 27 must take wedding photos; and hashtagging a wedding for candids from friends and families (we did it at a family member's wedding!). 

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  1. Love these picks - that clutch is gorgeous!


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