Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Goals

During a lazy weekend at home in the middle of spring semester, my mom and sister and I lounged around dreaming up life goals. Some were really big (I want to be published!), while others were small but important (Abby wants to be a fabulous ballroom dancer). We got all caught up in dreaming big, but we also made some summer goals. Since Abby and I have part-time jobs, and the three of us are on a summer long "vacation" (Mom still does a lot of work for school over the summer.) we wanted to have little goals to keep us doing. Here are some of ours that we came up with:

1. Take more walks together. We live in a beautiful neighborhood––it's completely canopied in luscious, old trees and gardens. There's something very serene about taking a walk with others, but not feeling like you have to make conversation. 

2. Refurbish old furniture! My mom has a knack for giving beat-up things new life. She repainted a rocking chair for her classroom that is now gorgeous, and even overhauled a cabinet for our house! So we're hitting up thrift sales, estate sales, you name it to find the new "it" project for the summer!

3. Read more (an old stand-by for me) and watch TV less. I read quite a bit for school, but I like to read whatever I want over the summer. Also, my mom, an amazingly dedicated teacher, and avid learner admitted she hasn't read and "real, mature book" in ages, because it can often feel like she only has time for short articles in magazines during the year. (P.S. would you have a magazine or article club instead of a book club? They sound appealing and fascinating!)

4. I want to learn bass guitar––finally!––after getting one in high school and never taking the initiative to learn for real. 

Do you have any summer goals? So many people have the "bikini body" goal, which I gave up on long ago. What's on your reading list? Do you have a summertime hobby?

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