Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Sneakers

Last summer, I wrote about some fun options for summer kicks. I was heading to Florida, so I was looking for super light-weight (mostly slip-ons) that would go from beach to park in a few seconds. Bensimon creates beautiful tennis slip-ons that come in great colors, and here are some more affordable similar styles by Old Navy. (I have them; they're awesome!)

However, this summer we're going to Chicago! Instead of beach time, we'll be walking––a lot. I want some tennis shoes that are more durable and have more support for the days we spend several hours on hard pavement. These shoes by Superga look like a great option. I just ordered them! I've seen them in the J.Crew catalog, on Shopbob, and Piperlime (on sale there!). They also have great colors, so they aren't as drab as the typical tenny.

What do you think? Do you have any summer sneakers that you would suggest? I'd love to get the best (most comfortable and still chic) ones I can find!

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