Friday, July 26, 2013


A "brief" review of the Legends of the Summer concert at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL:

The two performers appropriately named their brief summer tour, as the performance was nothing short of spectacular. Working hard to please the audience, the duo opened with "Holy Grail," which allowed Justin to kick off the concert with that beautifully haunting and melancholiac verse. Jay Z busted out lacking any inhibitions, pumping up the crowd for the rest of the concert.

The opening song was obviously appreciated after an hour wait, as the real show began at 9:20 instead of 8:00. However, approximately 140 minutes of perpetual music was an impressive trade-off. Never a lapse in energy, Jay Z and Justin effortlessly passed the torch, moving from song to song with beautifully mastered transitions. The variety of music was also refreshing.

Obviously, Jay Z has a more limited repertoire of style, but his selection of songs was thoroughly enjoyable, performing an enthusiastic "99 Problems," "Empire State of Mind," and "Jigga What, Jigga Who". Additionally, Justin played a ripping guitar accompaniment to "99 Problems" that solidified is music-legend, jack-of-all-trades status.

Moreover, Justin pulled out all the stops, playing piano, showing off his dance moves, and sining everything from "Mirrors" to "SeƱorita" to "Cry Me a River," and of course, "Sexy Back," which pleased everyone.

I, for one, really loved "New York, New York," a song that some locals with a chip on their shoulder didn't appreciate. Equally beautiful was their encore tribute to Trayvon Martin, "Forever Young." Justin's performance was breath-takingly honest, sincere, and beautiful. Clear, light, but strong, and almost angelic, the tribute was lovely. The most impressive part of the concert was their ability to be front and center, but also act as back up. Both are incredibly famous musicians, and sublimely talented; how very telling and refreshing that two musicians of that high caliber are willing to be the back up to the other. Something very rare, and very brilliant to see.

Ending the show in unison, "We are. The legends of the summer!" could not have been more apt for Jay Z and J.T.

Photo via Rolling Stones

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