Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving Cards!

Yesterday we talked about friends moving, and how it is difficult to stay in touch. When my old friend David moved to Texas, I wanted to show him how much we would miss him, since he left when things were a little hectic and we didn't have a full out goodbye. Instead of buying a generic card (which are great if you need a quick card!), I decided to put my free time to some use and make a moving card. This way, when he got to his new apartment, there would be mail waiting for him. And who doesn't love getting mail?!


1 pad water-color paper (8 X 12 in)
Set of watercolors
Package of greeting card envelopes (approx. 4 X 5 in)
Sharpie Fine Point permanent marker in black
Extra strong eraser

I traced a square that was 4 inches by 5 inches. Within the bottom left section, I free-handed a generously rough outline of a U.S. map. (By no means is this exact!) Using a black fine point Sharpie, I retraced lightly to ensure no bleed-through, and then erased over the entire square to get rid of any lurking pencil marks.

 I then watercolored Texas (the state to which David is moving) and also watercolored Wisconsin (the state he is leaving). David has always said he is going to live all over the place; he wants to see more. This way, as he travels, he can fill in every state. Kind of a color by number of where he has lived.
 The final product is pretty cute, with Hawaii and Alaska on the back. Now, I won't be doing this every week, but it's a great little gift that shows you care. Bonus, it's pretty low on time commitment, and you'll have plenty of leftover materials for future cards!

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