Monday, August 26, 2013

Pesto Cubes

As the summer wanes (although this crazy heat insinuates otherwise) Abby and I are preparing for another busy, wonderful school year. At the top of our list is grocery shopping, with non-perishables being the frontrunner. Yes, pasta noodles are a must, but what to do about sauce, which usually comes in such large amounts and perishes before you use it?

Well, my genius roommate, McKenna (aka Master-Chef/Baker), solved our problem with a surprisingly simple solution. Before the school year, make a batch of pasta sauce––our favorite is pesto––and freeze them in ice cube trays!

Each cube is is perfect for one small serving of pasta, and is easily thawed in the refrigerator. The rest stay fresh in the freezer, while you stay fret-free of expired sauce lurking in the pantry. Brilliant!

I used this delicious spinach-basil pesto recipe from the August/September Taste of Home.

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