Friday, August 23, 2013

Accessory Specs

My beautiful sister, Abby, with her cool (real) frames.

Would you wear non-prescription glasses? I've worn glasses since third grade, as has every family member. My mom and dad, though, have both undergone LASIK eye surgery, which now allows them to swim with their eyes open and read the alarm clock the minute they open their eyes!

Mom especially emphasizes how it changed her life, how liberating it was to not wear glasses or contacts. (I still remember her flushing down her lenses!) But one of my favorite accessories is my glasses. I love trying on different frames, and Abby says she dreams of having a small "glasses closet" to switch up her style! 

If I were to ever get LASIK eye surgery, I'd still be tempted to wear glasses without prescription lenses on the days I feel like mixing it up. Bottom line, if you've never needed glasses, it's pretty silly; if you wear glasses, get tons of frames; if you once wore glasses, go for it! Who will ever know?

Would you wear fake frames?

P.S. My eyesight is so poor, I can only get lenses made through my regular optometrist  However, my friend is obsessed with her Warby Parkers!

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