Monday, February 10, 2014

{Weekend Update}...Coffee + Books, Naturally

What did you all do this past weekend? Abby and I tried something new (kind of) and went to Nina's Coffee Cafe and Subtext Books. Located on Cathedral Hill of Saint Paul, Nina's is a dark, moody/cozy cafe that made me feel like I was in New Haven, CT (don't ask me why, but it felt East-Coast collegiate). The sun was perfectly bright that day, so it was only natural to grab a delicious cup of coffee and buy a new book.

Subtext Books is amazing. It is directly underneath Nina's and interior stairs connect them, so it feels really intimate and perfect. Subtext is painted primarily white and is colorful due to the gorgeous array of book spines in their floor to ceiling shelving. Plenty of light streams in from a sunlight-esque window and minimal furniture. I'm in love with them for having real seating. Like couches, tables, chairs! Finally a book store that gets seriously everything right.

We love you, Nina's and Subtext!

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