Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thinking & Doing

I've been thinking about writing my thesis for two and a half weeks. I've been doing this zero days out of said eleven. As we approach the new year with excitement and anticipation, I'm thinking a lot about what I'll be doing.

I'll be starting a new internship at the remarkable Coffee House Press in Minneapolis. (Thrilled might be an understatement.)

In May I will graduate from the University of Minnesota, entering the job market with spunk and enthusiasm.

I will stand up in my charismatic friends' wedding and attend others throughout the summer. (P.S. I need suggestions for summer wedding-worthy dresses.)

I'll have my own room after years of roommates and twin-sized beds.

There are momentous life events coming up this year, along with little extras that are just as important. I know that resolutions are difficult to keep, so Abby is insisting that we make specific, attainable goals for ourselves. Here's one of mine:

Think, then do. I'm not a procrastinator, so I might seem like the most unlikely person to aim for doing instead of thinking when it comes to projects. However, I'm a realist and like most people my worst critic. It's easy to hold yourself back by thinking about what you could do instead of just going for it. So this year, I'm fearlessly going to do more in all sectors of my life.

I'll do more when it comes to my health; less screen time, more green veggies and whole foods, enough rest. I will do more for school to finish strong––that means finishing my thesis (egads!), knocking that internship out of the park, and launching the 2015 edition of Ivory Tower. I'll do more as a friend, sister, and daughter; I'll be there for the big moments along with the little ones, listen intently, and value time.

2015 is the year of doing. I know that sounds like a Nike commercial, but who are we kidding? The new year is ridiculously optimistic and at times cliche. Entering with confidence and a plan isn't the worst idea we've ever had.

Photo via my Instagram of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. 

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