Thursday, November 22, 2012

Master List

Throughout November, I talked about what I'm thankful for. . . I thought about how I'm lucky to live in the sometimes sleepy Midwest; I looked at early mornings as something refreshing and healthy. Today I'm listing my top thankful things:

1. Family. This is a pretty basic and popular one, but I can honestly say that without the guidance, support, creativity, and love from these guys, I would not be the person I am today. Mom, Dad, Abby, thank you.

2. Good friends. You know I talk about 'em a lot here. Similar to number one. . . but different, because you know that your relationship with your best girlfriends will always be something fantastically unique.

3. City / college life. I have been exposed to so many new things in a metropolitan area. I never realized the world could be so large, and yet quite small at the same time. I'm also extremely lucky to live in an area that is actually two cities. The Twin Cities has a great diversity of culture and atmosphere. St. Paul offers the more quite residential life, while Minneapolis provides a highly metropolitan experience.

4. Reader. Thank you, readers and followers for stopping by and providing great support and encouragement. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have a platform over which I can communicate to such a large population everyday. It's quite humbling when you think about it. Thank you.

Now, go eat too much and enjoy a day with your family! Take a Tryptophan & wine nap in preparation for Black Friday!

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