Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Weekend Update}...Not Connected

Sorry for the delay recently! Since Friday, the internet has been out at our apartment. It's very frustrating, considering how much I see internet for school, work, and entertainment. I swear I probably used most of my data plan in the last five days. 

However, with no wifi (or working ethernet) Abby and I decided to spend the day completely removed from all things in cyberspace! Early Saturday afternoon, we took the bus like big girls down to Nicollet Mall to do some shopping, came back to have a relaxing lunch with the sun pouring into our apartment. It was pretty gorgeous this weekend. My roommate McKenna made homemade mint ice cream, Abby made delicious fries for a movie night and I baked banana bread and pretzels for an all out weekend feast! It was amazing! 

And now, there's tons of snow. So far there's probably five inches! Walking to class was definitely an adventure. But it's beautiful. You know how everything looks quiet? Campus is a lovely sleepy snowy wonderland today. So Abby and I have done lots of reading for fun, which I haven't done in ages!

Stay warm!

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