Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Are You Like Your Mom?

Abby and I are constantly told we are just like our Mom, which I take to be a compliment, because my mother is a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, and an all around wonderful lady. Here are some of the things people usually say about how we are similar:

You all have the same eyes! Like sisters! (We all have bad eyesight, as well.)

You are stubborn just like your mother, and her mother. (possibly a good thing?)

These cookies are delicious; your mom taught you well! (Yes, she did! Thanks, Mom!)

Are you going to be a teacher like your mom? You would be just a great as her. (Mom is and has been a first grade teacher for almost thirty years. She teaches kids to read, and I am so proud.)

Same laugh, same jokes, same sense of humor. 

We have a love of crosswords, books, and magazine reading on the patio.

Toe nails painted. Always.

A love for learning, and a passion for helping people.

Night owls, but still early risers for Saturday brunch.

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