Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Do Tell Your Mom, "I love you."?

With Mother's Day almost here, I'd love to know how you let your mom know she's one special lady. It seems like such a basic thing, we say it every time we end a phone conversation, or leave the house, or go to bed. But then we have a special day, some call it a Hallmark Holiday, just for moms. How do you tell her that she's the greatest?

Here are some of mine:

Sometimes I'll send my mom one of those cute/silly emojis in a text message. Just that. A flower, or sunshine, or a heart, just so she knows I'm thinking about her.

When I'm home on university vacation, and she's still in school (elementary public school and college schedules never align!) I'll surprise her by bringing coffee and breakfast from our favorite cafe.

Making her bed and laying a new magazine on her nightstand.

Lighting a candle and preparing a snack, so the minute she comes home from school she can just relax.

Even if we see her when we leave for school, Abby and I like to leave a Post It somewhere in the house with a little note (and usually a heart).

I let her use, barrow, or keep my favorite lipstick.

Make coffee the same way she does, just so it tastes perfect to her.

Text, email, or even Instagram pictures of everyday life for her, so she can see how exciting or boring my college life is.

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