Monday, April 29, 2013

Sick in Spring?

There is nothing worse than being sick in spring, wouldn't you agree? I felt so incredibly alone in my stuffy misery this weekend, with all the girls and boys in their tanks and shorts. The sunshine was great, but sometimes when you're sick, all you want is a rainy day. But it's spring, so why not embrace it as you heal? While I love a "warm" smelling candle, with wool socks in the winter, spring requires something a little happier. Here are some of my go-to spring time cold essentials. 

     Instead of straight up Vaseline, go with a beautiful rose salve, to keep your lips and red nose soft. Bonus, it has a lovely floral to it, so when you can smell again, enjoy!

     Step aside, Vanilla Bean candle, and hello Lavender! It's both calming and invigorating.

     Seriously, catch some zzz's. Even in the middle of the day. If it's nice enough, sleep outside to enjoy the Vitamin D! (I would feel very decadent with a monogramed pink pillow!)

     Herbal tea is your friend. Coffee may be tempting, but go for a floral herbal tea, as opposed to ones with cinnamon and spices. 

     Lavender pillow and body mist is amaaaazing. I swear by it. 

     In the spring, go for honey-herb throat lozenges. These are the best I've ever had! Also, the berry is good.

    Obviously, stay hydrated, but stay away from your Camelbak, which tends to be home for a lot of germs!

     Have hair ties on hand, because you never know when that fever will come rushing.

     They're also nice for you to take a walk. Go out, get some fresh air if you're feeling up to it! (These sweet sneakers would make me happy, no matter how down I felt.)

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