Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cozy Classics

Pride and Prejudice
A brilliant groups of authors and illustrators have teamed as Cozy Classics to bring the world of Classical Literature to the minds of children. Who better to experience these magical stories than young kids with fresh imaginations and zero preconceived notions? Some of the titles include War and Peace and Les Miserables. 

Some may think that these tales are much to woeful and dark, but the beauty is that the books' simplicity allows parents to explain complex ideas like war and death however they see fitting. Ultimately, it introduces the rich world of literature to the eager minds of kids, which is just inspiring.
Moby Dick
Les Miserables - Poor
Would you read these children's classics to your kids? Are these stories too dark or too adult, or is it a revolutionary idea to give kids the power to love reading and learning?

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